Polymer Program Seminar Series

A seminar series for faculty invited speakers from academia, industry, and government. Topics are related to polymer synthesis, characterization, application, and computation. SPE members assist with the preparations and setup of equipment and food.

SPE Student Seminar Series

A seminar series for student invited speakers from universities and industry in the southern New England region. Speakers generally consist of senior PhD students, postdoctoral fellows and industrial representatives from regional universities and companies such as MIT, Harvard, Yale, and UMass-Amherst.

New England Young Scholars Exchange Program

This program allows for UConn members to showcase their research at other universities by using a student exchange platform. The exchange allows students to connect with other leaders in the field and to share ideas. We are currently partnered with UMass-Amherst and are targeting other universities in the region.


SPE members are consistently involved with STEM outreach programs that are hosted by several of the department on campus including: Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and the Institute of Material Science.